15 Trending Blog Ideas That Are Popular in Blogging


Selecting a blog topic among an ever increasing list of blog ideas can be really stressful and confusing.

Blog topic selection is the first step in setting up a successful blog. Consumer engagement, blog traffic, market share, revenue, everything depends upon the topic you choose for your blog.

However, most of the beginners find it difficult to decide their blog niche and finally conclude their blogging career being unsuccessful.

We either end up creating a blog that has so many unrelated blog posts or we keep switching among different ideas in search of our next topic.

Why does this happen?

It usually happens because we have so many ideas in our mind that we try to put all of them into a single blog.

We want to try our hands on everything possible in search of success.

How can you write a blog post on anything just like that?

To answer such questions and help you decide your Blog Topic, continue reading this blog post.

Lets begin with some questions..

Why do you want to create a blog?

Are you thinking of creating a personal blog (just for fun)?

Or you are thinking of earning money through blogging?

Keep answering the questions through out this blog post to get a better understanding about blog ideas and decide your blog topic wisely.

A Blog that solves a problem are the most successful ones!

In simple words, a blog that focuses on solving a problem have very high chances of success.

Every professional blogger knows the significance of blog topic and its impact on market share, blog traffic and consumer engagement.

Remember, only selecting a good topic is not going to get you any success.

It is equally important to write high quality content and maintain consistency in publishing blog posts.

More Traffic = More Money

How blog ideas and blog traffic are interlinked?

Blog traffic plays a very important role in deciding which blog idea is the best for you.

Reader’s Interest in your blog is directly linked to your blog niche.

To get more traffic, it is important to choose your blog topic wisely.

Can you think of attracting readers to your blog, if you start writing on any obsolete topic or maybe a boring one?

Well, choosing an interesting topic can save your time and efforts of retaining your consumers and increases reader’s engagement.

How to choose a perfect Blog Topic?

Choosing a topic from the list of ideas can be easy only when you are clear about:

What to sell? (Your purpose behind this blog)

To whom you are selling? (Identify your target audience, their persona)

How it can benefit both?

Still Confused?

Lets have a look at this list of trending blog ideas that have shown some great success in the past and according to me holds a strong future.


1. How To’s

When was the last time you read an instruction manual? Was it offline or online?

Well, we all know how boring they are but their importance cannot be denied.

People are always looking for shortcuts and this is where “How To” blogs can solve the purpose.

It is easier to Google a problem then to read those boring booklets.

2. Make money online

Money is a powerful motivator. Have you come across anyone who said NO to money?

Everybody wants to earn money and you can find hundreds and thousands of blogs on it

With the world going digital, people are even more interested in learning different ways of earning money online.

You get a fast growing target audience and an opportunity to earn money for yourself too.

Once your blog gains popularity and huge traffic, monetize it with Google AdSense or Display Advertising.

3. Education

Education is among those few topics that never fade away.

You can create an educational blog on coding, foreign languages, tutorials, marketing, and more.

Content quality is highly important in this blog as readers are smart enough to compare and judge your knowledge level.

4. Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Digital Marketing is the future!

If you want to succeed online, then digital marketing is necessary. Businesses and bloggers use it to increase traffic on their website.

The topic in itself comprises of number of niche(s) that covers the essence of target marketing and traffic building.

If you are good in SEO and other digital marketing techniques, then you can create a blog showcasing your talent.

This topic targets a large audience that is eagerly waiting for new tricks in digital marketing.

5. Technology

Technology is an important part of our life. If you are the one who loves talking about technology, then this topic is for you.

With a massive audience size, it is one of the prominent topics to start your blog.

For instance, you can start with a blog on gadgets.

6. Fashion

Fashion blogs gain popularity easily. If you think you have got an appealing fashion sense, then you can create a blog on this one.

There might be a possibility of you becoming the next big fashion icon. Start by creating a fashion blog post and don’t forget to add some stylish snaps.

Make use of social media for marketing your blog posts.

7. Fitness

The hunger for fitness is increasing at an unimaginable pace.

Those 6 Packs Abs, beautiful size zero figure, rock solid muscles are becoming a craze among people.

Covering topics like: how to get 6 Pack Abs, correct gym postures, fitness centres, exercises and more.

I would suggest you not to blog on this topic unless you are a certified trainer or can get your content certified by the one, before publishing.

8. Food & Recipes

Food blogging is a combination of “Foodies” and “Blog Writing”.

A food blog is incomplete without a great photography of mouth-watering dishes.

If you are the one among such food lovers, definitely it is one of the most popular blog ideas.

Not only you can blog about dishes, but you can also share your own recipes on that blog.

9. Travel

Travel Blogs are gaining popularity as an influencer in making trips.

Capturing the beautiful locations, sight-seeing, adventures and sports, travel blogs have lot more to offer.

Are you a traveller too, and love exploring new places? Do you love capturing diverse cultures, their food, and places?

Then you can consider becoming a travel blogger.

10. Health & Nutrition

Focusing on health and nutrition is really important to live a happy life.

If you have interest in this field, then you can start your own Health & Nutrition Blog.

Some popular topics to cover under this niche are: How to live a healthy life and food rich in nutrients.

11. Politics

Politics gains popularity during every election time.

You can pick any national or local political topic and start a conversation on it.

Since it is a sensitive topic, some people may take your words personally.

So, if you are covering this topic, be prepared to face some controversies.

12. Entertainment

Events, Trade Fairs, Movie Releases, Celebrity Parties, Activities, anything and everything that is fun and exciting.

Niche that will never make you go out of topics. And not to forget, it is always trending.

So in the list of top trending blog ideas, this idea definitely secures a position.

13. Financial Blog

Are you good in statistics? Do you love playing with numbers? Do you have interest in calculations and investments? Is Portfolio management your strength?

Financial Blog is no joke and is meant for serious pro-blogging.

You have to be really careful because your inappropriate suggestions can lead to huge financial losses.

It is advised to add a disclaimer with the content and get proper certification before entering into this niche.

14. Product Reviews

Product reviews is one of the best niche to drive organic traffic.

With hundreds of new products launching each day, you can start a blog that delivers reviews about products.

Once you start gaining popularity, this niche is the easiest to monetize, and can result in revenue growth.

Genuine reviews are the key to success for such blogs.

15. Consultancy

Consultancy Blogs are gaining popularity as they tend to solve people’s problem directly.

By providing consultancy, you can help people overcome from their problems.

Identify your field of expertise and start creating blog posts.

Career consultancy, business consultancy, management consultancy are some popular sub-topics among them.

You can even club a few sub-topics together in your single blog.


Success of the blog depends upon your blog topic, content quality and the consistency.

You may select a topic today, and find yourself diving alone in the ocean. So it is really important to think wisely before selecting any blog topic.

It is you who has to decide, what you are best at!

Now, I would like to hear from you:

Which topic will you choose for your blog?

Want me to add a topic…

Do share your suggestions in the comment box below.

Hemant Jain

I'm a Digital Marketing enthusiast with primary focus on increasing organic traffic with SEO techniques.

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