Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog: The Definitive Guide (2019)


Shall I create a single topic blog or start a multi topic blog?

If you are a thinking to create a blog or have recently started with a blog, this question may arise in your mind.

Firstly, you need to understand that creating a blog is easy but making money from that blog requires a whole new approach.

Let’s first answer a question.

Do you know how to start a blog?

The simple answer would be to book a domain name, purchase a hosting plan and an SSL certificate, install WordPress on it and YES! You are ready to go.

NO! This is totally wrong approach to blogging.

Now, let me change my question to:

How to start a successful blog?

If you are thinking to start a blog, then deciding “Single topic vs multi topic blog” should be in your priority list.

Many bloggers do not cover this topic. However, it is one of the most significant topics for budding bloggers like you, who are ready to create a blog.

Today, most of the beginners often find themselves stuck with these common questions:

  • Should I start a Single Topic Blog or shall I blog on Multiple Topics?
  • Is it a good idea to write on multiple topics in a single blog?
  • Or Should I create individual blogs for each topic?
  • Most of the successful bloggers conclude that “Choosing a niche blog is better than going for a multi topic blog.” –  Is it really a good idea to switch from multi topic blogging to single topic blogging?

Don’t Worry! Let’s find out how to decide:

Single topic vs Multi Topic Blog!

What is a Single Topic Blog (or a Niche Blog)?

The blog that covers a Single Topic (i.e a Niche) is referred to as a single topic blog.

Here, we are not talking about a particular blog post. But, the complete blog (including all the blog posts) focuses on a single topic or a single niche.

Popular Blogs like:

  • Tech Crunch, focuses on Technology Industry
  • DailyBlogTips, focuses on Blogging
  • Moz, focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Can you find what’s common among them?

These popular blogs are targeting a specific niche.

Moreover, if a blog covers related topics and the target audience is all same. Then too, it will be considered as a niche blog and not as a multi topic blog.

So remember, whenever you are going for a single topic blog, it is important to choose your niche and some topics related to the chosen niche.

Sometimes, due to excitement we choose a niche that is very narrow and does not have much to write about.

In that case, the supporting topics will help you expand your blog domain and will prevent you from getting short of content.

These topics will also help keep your excitement level in place, as you may get bored with the niche over time.

From Readers point of view, such blogs are more relevant because it not only delivers the requested content but also the related topics that they may be interested in reading.

For instance:

Fabrosse is a single topic blog that covers Digital Marketing, SEO, & Blogging, is a niche blog and not a multi topic blog. Why?

Here, all of the three blog topics are sharing the same audience.

First, the readers who are interested in Digital Marketing, for them gaining knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) make sense.

Second, in Blogging, the Digital Marketing and SEO play a vital role.

Third, if readers are looking for SEO, they may be implementing it in their blog or learning about digital marketing.

Benefits of choosing Single Topic Blog (or Niche Blog)

  • Single Topic Blog targets a particular niche.
  • Now, you will be targeting the audience with some common keywords for all your blog posts. So, your chances of ranking high for those keywords increases on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex.
  • If you maintain consistency in publishing new SEO friendly blog posts, your blog post is likely to generate more traffic.
  • Nobody wants to miss important updates of quality content.
  • So, if readers love reading your blog posts regularly, they will soon start subscribing to your blog. Subscribing to a single topic blog is more convenient, as new blog post updates are more relevant and topic oriented.
  • Monetizing a single topic blog (or single niche blog) is easier than making money from a blog that covers multiple topics.
  • Advertisers are more interested in teaming up with popular blogs in their niche.
  • Niche blogs provide these advertisers direct access to the target audience.
  • Affiliate marketing is easy with single topic blogs as sales conversion ratio is high due to target marketing.
  • Saves time and efforts of switching over niches, making it easy to remain consistent.

What is a Multi Topic Blog?

Multi Topic Blog refers to a blog that covers more than one topic.

Unlike single topic blog, it is a club of non-related topics.

For instance:

Topics like fashion, travel, technology and entertainment, all covered in one blog is a multi-topic blog.

Multi topic blogs are not as common as single topic blogs because of the complexity they possess in every aspect.

According to the successful bloggers, multi topic blogs are not a preferred choice if you are thinking of blogging for money.

The reason is they are difficult to manage and to rank them high in search results requires lot more efforts and time.

While making them SEO friendly demands more clarity in the vision, you need to work really hard to maintain consistency.

In single topic, all of your time is utilized in managing a single niche. But, in multi topic you have to share your time with many niches.

But multi topic blog gives you the freedom to choose multiple topics of your interest.

Benefits of Multi Topic Blogging

  • You can include multiple blog ideas of your interest.
  • Stressful for those who are going to monetize their blog and are not working in a team. But, if you manage well, your blog posts in different niches can possibly earn a good rank.
  • With multi topic blogs you get the freedom to include trending topics on your blog.
  • Quality blog posts always stand a chance to drive quality traffic. It is totally false that you cannot rank on top if you have a multi topic blog.
  • If you write on topic that solves someone’s problem or fulfil any purpose. Then it is easy for your quality content to find its’ readers.

What kind of blogger are you?

With the increasing number of new entrants in blogging, the debate on Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog is gaining popularity.

Blogging is not for impatient people! You cannot expect results overnight.

It takes lot of efforts and time to make a blog popular.

Remember – “Consistency and Content Quality” are the secrets of success.

How can you expect readers to take interest in your blog ideas, if you are not delivering quality content?

Every successful blog topic is driven by a positive force of problem solving.

So, choose your blog ideas wisely and make sure to cover each and every aspect of that topic.

Talking about consistency, you really have to be consistent in posting new blog posts timely.

Readers take more interest in your blog, when they find fresh and relevant content.

Consistency and Content Quality are the major success driving force for your blog.

If you are really interested in a particular niche (Interest Driven), you try to gain knowledge, and topic research is no longer a burden for you.

You are self-motivated to write on those topics and naturally become consistent and produce quality content.

You can create a PERSONAL BLOG [When making money from a blog is not your priority]

Or you can do blogging for money [When you are thinking to earn money by blogging]

When you choose to create a personal blog!

Single Topic Blog:

Go ahead, no need to think even twice.

You are all set to make an impact by sharing your write-ups, experiences and whatever that is there in your mind.

Choose your niche and start writing.

Multi Topic Blog:

Interested in writing on multiple topics – Fashion & Lifestyle, Photography, Pets Care, Travel, Entertainment and more?

Make a blog and start publishing your blog posts on all the topics of your interest.

NOTE: Your ultimate aim is to deliver quality content on consistent basis. Since, money is not your first choice, stay calm and keep up the good work.

My Suggestion

Since your priority is interest in this domain, you are free to choose either single topic blogging or multi topic blogging.

You can freely publish blog posts on whichever topic you find worth writing and sharing.

Note: In my point of view, don’t choose topics that are anti-social, illegal or prohibited by law to write or share. Such topics can generate negative consequences.

When you choose blogging for Money:

Frankly speaking, Money is a powerful force that can make you work hard, even when you find no interest in a particular task.

In case of blogging, it is YOU who has to make that choice.

Your zeal to earn money with blogging can bring you a fortune if diverted in a positive direction

Or can even dump you in the list of blogs that couldn’t make it.

If your aim is to become a professional blogger and earn money by blogging, then you fall under this category.

Since, your ultimate aim is earning money by blogging.

You are aiming of becoming a professional blogger & earn your living or passive income with blogging:

In Blogging, More Traffic = More Money

Single Topic Blog:

When you aim to earn money with blogging, it is not going to be an easy task.

But the good news is that it is POSSIBLE!!

How can you bring more traffic to your blog?

Traffic generated on your blog depends upon your blog topic, content quality, consistency in publishing new blog posts & regularly updating the published content.

It is easy to monetize a single topic blog because such blog targets a niche audience.

The traffic generated by a single topic blog is interested in the blog’s niche that makes it easy for advertisers to target the specific audience.

For instance:

There are 2 blogs A & B and both generate almost equal traffic.

A is a single topic blog with niche: Mobiles.

B is a multi-topic blog with niche: Entertainment, Mobiles and Fashion.

Now, the mobile company wants to advertise on a blog. Which among the two blogs is a better option?

Blog A, Right? It is because Blog A is offering a specific target audience.

Each penny spent on advertisement is going to hit right on the audience falling in the same niche.

Multi Topic Blog:

Your journey of creating an earning multi topic blog can turn your life into a nightmare.

Are you afraid after reading it?

If my words scared you, then multi topic blogging is not for you!

Definitely, multi topic blogging is difficult, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!

Even when multi topic blog does not target any specific niche, you can still approach advertisers in multiple domains that you chose for your blog.

There are multiple ways to make money by blogging.

Still Confused? Let’s learn more about “Niche or Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog”

When you are new to blogging, the above discussion will help you identify what kind of blogger you want to be:

  • The one, who is passionate about writing, sharing experiences, and loves to write on anything of their interest. No boundaries.
  • The second, who are thinking of earning money by blogging for their living.

Choosing a niche can be stressful, want to know why? 

There are thousands’ of niche or maybe more.

Think wisely as you will not want:

  • to waste all of your time in blogging on a topic that nobody cares about
  • your efforts don’t pay you much
  • to lose money because you don’t get enough traffic.

Choosing a niche or multi topics, you need to do some research on these grounds:


Keyword research is not only important when writing a new blog post, but equally important when choosing your niche.

It gives you some prior knowledge about what kind of words you have to deal with when going for a particular niche.

Let’s say, Food is your niche.

Now you have a rough idea that your keywords will include words like: Vitamins, Minerals, Calories, Fat, Health, Diet, Recipe, and more. Long Tail Keywords may be like: Healthy food that helps reduce weight; Food rich in Vitamin C; How to make Cheese Nuggets.


Find out what is trending. You can go with some trending topics as well.

Such topics may be trending locally or globally. It’s not like Trending topics fade away soon.

You can go with entertainment niche, now every time a new movie releases – Hurray! It’s trending.

This way, you can create a blog on this niche that always has something for someone.


If you have got knowledge and are interested in a particular niche, then you must go with it.

But, keep in mind that your blog topic may not be the one, the world finds interesting.

So, you may or may not get enough traffic. And such topics may only fulfil your writing enjoyment.

Simply because it is the topic of  “YOUR INTEREST”, maybe not “OTHERS”

Be wise when you are thinking of starting a blog to make money.

4. CPC (cost per click) & PPC (pay per click) OF WORDS IN YOUR NICHE

When you are writing to make money, you have to think very professionally.

You may have to leave the topic(s) of your interest and write on something that attracts the maximum number of readers.

Recall, Traffic = Money

CPC is the amount of money that you earn when someone visits your website or blog and clicks on your ads.

PPC is the amount of money, the advertiser pay when their ad is clicked.

If making money is your ultimate aim, then do proper research about the current CPC and PPC rates in your niche.

5. SEO (easier for single or niche blog as compared to multi topic blog)

Search engine optimization (in short SEO) is one of the most important techniques of making your blog posts and blog pages rank high on search engines.

Your blog ranking has direct impact on your Blog Traffic and indirectly on Money you will earn.

Don’t forget: Traffic = Money.

Whenever you search any information on Google (or any other search engine), how many pages you scroll, searching for the right content?

Most of us, don’t even have to visit the second page because Google is smart enough to deliver the best suitable content according to the search input.

Makes Sense?

Usually, we are in a habit of selecting the information from the list available on the first page of search engine output.

So definitely, the blogs displayed on first page of search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo are likely to earn more than those displayed on successive pages.

Now, to rank your blog posts high in ranking, you have to make sure that your blogs are SEO friendly.

This will help you drive more traffic to your blog and also earn more.

Suggestions for Multi Topic Bloggers!

If you are the only person to manage your blog, try to start with a single topic blog and then gradually increase blog topics.

It is better to hire a team of quality content writers. This will reduce your burden of covering all the blog topics by yourself.

Subscribers usually face problem in subscribing to a multi topic blog because they start getting updates on the topics they didn’t choose. Sort it out!

Learn to handle the pressure of consistency, multi topic blogging demands time.

You have to timely update content on each blog topic you choose.

“An image speaks thousand words”. Don’t forget to use images, videos, info-graphics, to make your content more appealing, informative and easy to understand.

It will also help in attracting and retaining readers on your blog.

Avoid using Jargons or fancy write-us that waste’s time of the readers.

In simple words, try to make it as simple as possible by using words that are easy to understand.

Never confuse your blog readers by discussing irrelevant content that has nothing to do with the topic.


If you love blogging and money is not your first priority, then you can start your own blog today. In this case, you need not worry about how much traffic your blog generates. Just keep writing and sharing the content on your blog.

Since your interest in blogging is dragging you in this domain, you can choose any type of blog: single topic blog (niche blog) or multi topic blog.

If you are thinking of starting a Multi Topic Blog, don’t forget that it requires some extra efforts and time from you. You have to work really smart to make it SEO friendly and monetize your blog.

Remember, Consistency and Quality Content are key factors of success in blogging.

Targeting a niche is definitely much easy as compared to targeting diverse audience.

It is easy to attract and retain readers interested in a particular blog topic.

Research must be thorough, accurate and presented well.

Readers should not feel bored while reading your blog post.

Use images, videos, and info-graphics to make the content more interactive and engaging.

You can go with Multi Topic Blog even if you have no prior blogging experience.

While doing so, if you find your niche – you can switch to single topic niche otherwise continue with your multi topic blogging.

For blog monetization, It’s TRUE that single niche blogs are easy to monetize but if you post quality content and are consistent with your posts, your hard work and smartness will definitely pay off.

Now, lets hear it from you:

What’s your decision on Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog?

Any Suggestions?

Do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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